Algonquin Park

First Solo Canoe Trip: Day 2

It rained all night. I woke up at around 6:30am and it was still coming down. There were puddles of water on both sides of my tent and they seemed to go under my tent as well. I was still dry though, and my floor seemed to be dry too, which was good news. I stayed in my tent reading and napping for a few hours until the rain finally stopped at around 10am. When I got out, I realized I was lying on a pool of water, so I needed to find a solution for this quickly.

There was one other spot that the tent just fit on and I could probably manage to get most of the tent pegs into the ground. The sky looked like it was potentially clearing again and a nice breeze was picking up, so I decided to move the tent, remove the fly and try to dry off as much of it as i possibly could while there was no rain.


This lasted for about 2 hours. I had a chance to hang my fly and mostly dry it and eat a quick breakfast. By about noon it started to rain again. I quickly threw my fly back on and got in. This spot was better than the last. The rain didn’t seem to pool so much around my tent, and where it did, I made little draining trenches to divert the water the other way.


It seemed to work, and by about 4pm the rain had stopped altogether. For the rest of the evening I just relaxed. As sunset approached I even got to see some blue sky! What a sight.


Everything was soaking wet though, so I didn’t even bother attempting to make a fire. I boiled water for dinner on the stove, packed everything up and was in bed by about 10pm.  I had hoped to do some exploring on this day, but with the constant rain, I ended up just finishing my book and relaxing in the tent for most of the trip. Not ideal, but still, I was making due and remaining pleasantly happy despite the weather. I quickly fell asleep for the night.

Day 3 of the trip…


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